About Us

The world is undergoing a paradigm of shift, and it is happening every single second. People are starting to see themselves as more than just individual people operating in an isolated bubble, but instead as a connected piece in the collective consciousness of planet Earth. A single thought could affect your reality. Be the change we wish to see in the world is what Pǐnxīn Vegan Cuisine stands by. 

Pǐnxīn as translated from the chinese character has multiple meanings. Pǐn means the quality of taste. Xīn on the other hand, speaks for the delectable aroma. Xīn also represents the name of the Founder, an inspiring mother, a passionate chef and a hands down to earth woman. A simple woman with the dream to share her love to the world through the food she makes.

Therefore, our team believes that Pǐnxīn Vegan Cuisine is indeed the beginning of something great. We transcend energy through the love in every single dish with the ambition to share it with the world. We believe that the food we consume is ultimately what creates us. 

Pǐnxīn Vegan Cuisine aims to create healthy, cruelty-free and enjoyable food that is of course, rich in taste. We use healthier alternatives ingredients such as unrefined cane sugar, pink himalaya salt with no added preservatives or additives in our servings. 

“From a small seed, a mighty trunk may grow” a meaningful quote by Aeschylus. Pǐnxīn Vegan Cuisine visualise a world where we grow our own food. We are planting this seed by encouraging and supporting local farmers to grow more organic vegetables and even fruits. Most of the vegetables we serve such as the organic black bean beansprout, water spinach and sweet potatoes are supplied by these amazing local farmers. 

The variety of food and beverages here are mostly inspired by our very own local taste. Living in a country that is multicultural and multilingual, we are able to create dishes with various layers of taste, of different colours, mixture of spices that diverse with multiple culture.

Here in Pǐnxīn Vegan Cuisine, we practice gratitution towards the food we consume and the beverage we drink. By appreciating our food, it would then accept it’s role in our life as nourishment for our body and then essentially surrenders itself to this destiny willingly. You are what you eat. Our team encourages customers to fully appreciate and live in the moment, whether it’s eating, talking, reading, walking or anything at all. Be in the present. 

All in all, Pǐnxīn Vegan Cuisine practices a lifestyle that aspires to create divinely inspired energy for ourselves and for everyone. Our goal is to inspire the future generation the importance of compassionate eating, living and lastly, to create a one world nation.